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Avid ramps up newsroom support

28 May 2007

Avid Technology has announced the immediate availability of the Avid iNEWS Command system version 1.0, offering precise automation control over playout devices including video servers, still stores, and character generators – possibly in response to arch-rival Apple’s move into the electronic newsroom space at NAB2007.

The Avid system integrates with virtually any newsroom computer system (NRCS), allowing operators to make last minute changes within seconds of broadcast, and to trigger playout events based on rundowns from the Avid iNEWS NRCS or any other MOS-enabled newsroom playlist.

“The iNEWS Command system provides robust, on-air reliability without requiring investment in costly full station automation. The system is targeted specifically for playout operations and is the ideal solution for broadcasters that want to link together multiple on-air devices and workflows, and reduce transmission errors,” said Johnathon Howard, director of on-air product management, Avid.

“Integrating iNEWS Command in a news production workflow enables broadcasters to prevent a single point of failure with a backup system that takes over automatically when a component becomes unavailable. Plus, iNEWS Command tightly synchronises all playout devices to ensure that last minute changes are reflected accurately on air – a critical factor in the news business, where every second counts.”

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