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Avid presents MediaCentral Platform

7 April 2014
Avid presents MediaCentral Platform

Avid has unveiled its MediaCentral Platform at NAB, an open, extensible, and customisable common services foundation that delivers on the Avid Everywhere strategic vision for the future of the media and entertainment industry. The MediaCentral Platform supports the entire media value chain—from creation to consumption.

“Across the spectrum of content creation and distribution, media organisations and creative professionals are in a time of unprecedented change,” stated Avid president and CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr. “Pressured to create higher-quality content within compressed timeframes, distribute to a growing array of channels and devices, and maximise the value of every asset, their future success depends on being able to aggressively adapt to the new realities of a changing world. The MediaCentral Platform is the foundation that enables our customers to streamline their entire media workflow, from creation to monetisation, with greater flexibility and the utmost security and protection.”

The MediaCentral Platform streamlines and simplifies workflows by tightly integrating all products and services that run on top of it. The platform provides the utmost security and protection, enabling customers to create and deliver content in smarter, faster, and easier ways—with the Avid and third-party solutions they choose to use. Whether customers use the MediaCentral Platform in a large media enterprise, post production facility, educational institution, recording studio, small editing suite, or their own home studio, they can easily add to and customise their platform functionality with optional services and components to meet their needs.

By fostering an open approach, the MediaCentral Platform puts an end to the workflow silos currently prevalent throughout the media industry. It provides a standardised foundation that connects media creators and distributors together, regardless of who makes the tools they use. This fundamentally changes how media organisations and professionals operate, providing greater flexibility to choose solutions and easily customise and scale complete end-to-end workflows tailored to meet specific needs.

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