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Avid introduces Interplay MAM 4

8 December 2011
Avid introduces Interplay MAM 4

The latest version of Avid’s Interplay Media Asset Manager (Interplay MAM 4) is claimed to increase the value of media by making it easier to find, repurpose, and distribute while coordinating and automating production processes, writes David Fox.

It aims to give media enterprises "an unprecedented ability to access and use their media more effectively and profitably than ever before." It lets them interlink media operations and workflows, control movement of media between Interplay MAM and storage systems, configure metadata, and leverage a Service-Oriented Architecture structure to integrate in-house and third-party applications.

“With increasing pressure to deliver more content across more screens, our customers need to improve media access, integrate a wide variety of Avid and third-party solutions, boost productivity and, ultimately, accelerate profitability across the enterprise,” said Dana Ruzicka, Avid’s VP of Segment Strategy and Planning. “Interplay MAM 4 is a state-of-the-art enterprise media management technology that lets them do just that.”

“As we have continuously evaluated the market over the past decade and analysed the evolution of the MAM marketplace, we have found that solutions that provide users modularity, workflow collaboration, scalability, robustness and ease-of-use are the ones that best serve fast-paced, collaborative environments,” said Mukul Krishna, global director of Digital Media for Frost & Sullivan. “The latest version of Interplay MAM from Avid raises that bar significantly and re-affirms Avid’s deep understanding of today’s integrated media enterprise.”

New features, include:

Interplay Common Playback Service, a web-based media player allowing users to view, annotate, add metadata, log, and create shot lists with any catalogued media from any location with greater precision and speed.

Graphical Workflow Management, which enables quicker, error-free workflow design and modification, using simple drag-and-drop and visual workflow monitoring to support more flexible workflow orchestration.

MAM-Production Integration, a transparent media and metadata exchange between Interplay MAM and Interplay Production, which allows customers to unify and coordinate production groups.


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