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Avid Instinct for news journalists

9 January 2006

Avid has commenced shipments of its NAB-announced iNews Instinct, the new editing system designed to enable newsroom staff and producers to create ready-to-air broadcast news segments without the necessary skills to operate an NLE application.

The system provides broadcast journalists with a range of intuitive features to create stories with text, video, and audio voiceovers (VOs), which can either be sent to a professional news editor for finishing or directly to a server for playout.

The desktop workspace provides users with a flexible, intuitive script and video story assembler, a video monitoring window, access to the newsroom database, and research query and results displays. "Instinct has changed our workflow and introduced a new paradigm to the newsroom," said David Sirak, news operations manager of WFTV-9 in Orlando, Florida, which was a beta tester of the system.

"For breaking stories or fast turnaround of breaking news coverage, anyone in our newsroom can create ready-to-air pieces using this package. With Unity connectivity, they also have access to any pictures and sounds in our audio/video library. Instinct’s interface and capabilities are also easy to learn. In a very short time, we’ve nearly tripled the number of journalists who can assemble stories on their own."


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