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Avid incorporates MOG’s mxfSPEEDRAIL

12 October 2010
Avid incorporates MOG's mxfSPEEDRAIL

MOG Technologies and Avid have agreed to include mxfSPEEDRAIL in Avid systems designed by its Professional Services team, complementing their offering for ingest solutions.

While mxfSPEEDRAIL F1000 easily ingests file-based media from any location into any shared storage solution, the mxfSPEEDRAIL S1000 is able to record SDI from multiple video channels and generate a multiplicity of video formats, high-res and proxy along with metadata and locators. Both systems work with SD and HD formats and enable rich metadata workflows throughout an Avid production chain, from planning up to distribution. Plus, the edit-while-write technology allows editors to start working before ingests have completed, regardless of the video format and workflow.

The Avid multi-resolution features are also improved by mxfSPEEDRAIL and its efficiency to ingest and capture proxy video material. Offline editing workflows are straightforward: after the editors have finished editing over the proxies, mxfSPEEDRAIL F1000 can ingest only the required high quality material, minimising lengthy ingest processes.

This alliance is the result of several years of collaboration between both companies and, says a statement, clearly demonstrates how MOG’s MXF technology and ingest products can improve Avid’s unique solutions in the creation of futureproof tapeless broadcasting infrastructures, both for SD and HD environments.

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