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Avid expands Interplay

11 March 2010

Avid has announced a major expansion of its Interplay product family, based on the acquisition of Blue Order, transforming it into a full media asset management solution.

As large media organisations seek ways to adapt in a rapidly changing business environment, Interplay now enables them to unlock new streams of revenue and reduce operating costs through some of the most comprehensive and open business process management, media cataloguing and collaboration capabilities on the market. The Interplay product family is the foundation of the new Avid Integrated Media Enterprise framework.

Avid’s Interplay family now includes a new module, Interplay Media Asset Manager, based on the Blue Order Media Archive product. This new module enhances content-related workflows by allowing media enterprises to collect, index, catalogue, manipulate, retrieve and distribute rich media. Now, customers will gain greater visibility into their assets, work across teams and geographies and be able to build business processes adapted to their specific needs.

New benefits of Interplay include:

Workflow orchestration: includes new process scheduling and management, job prioritisation, notification and process design capabilities that enable customers to automate complex and time-consuming ingest, production and distribution processes.

Rich metadata capabilities: an open media catalogue that can handle any type of media, tracks the history of assets, and provides multiple layers of time-based metadata. This enables customers to easily identify which assets are available, what rights they have to the content and how to easily repurpose the content for distribution.

A modular open platform: a rich Service Oriented Architecture, based around web services, which allows customers to easily integrate new and existing technology investments and unify teams across the organisation and beyond the four walls of a facility into a single integrated media platform.

Interplay Media Asset Manager will be integrated with the existing Interplay production asset management solution, now called Interplay Production, forming a combined family of Interplay products that satisfy customer workflows in acquisition, production, archive and distribution. Avid Professional Services is also being expanded to help customers maximise the return on their investments through design, workflow consulting, workflow customisation, project management, change management, business continuity and on-air support services.

With improved visibility into their asset libraries and rich collaboration, broadcasters, post facilities and educational institutions can extend and tailor production, media archiving, rights management and multichannel distribution processes to best fit their business models. Overall, customers will now be able to speed up the content creation and delivery process to unlock the full value of their assets.

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