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Aveco introduces new studio- and channel-in-a-box solutions at IBC

20 September 2013
Aveco introduces new studio- and channel-in-a-box solutions at IBC

At this year’s IBC Aveco introduced Redwood, a family of entry-level and scalable solutions aimed at the news studio (Redwood Studio) and master control (Redwood Play) markets. They are intended for users looking to produce news programming and/or put a new channel on-air, with a smaller budget.

The Redwood Studio system is designed to put a new news studio on-air. It uses a client/server architecture, integrating a graphics, playout and switcher engine, combined with Aveco’s existing ASTRA Studio 2’s control interface. The server provides media asset management, file ingest, user interface, system utilities, database management, and a story template engine.

"The reason nobody has come up with a ‘box’ solution for news production is that news is much more complex than master control. The workflow is more complex, more people are involved in the workflow, and more devices are required to produce a unique look and feel," said Pavel Potuzak, managing director for Aveco. “Redwood Studio defines a new market segment that can address the complexities of a live studio broadcast by providing broadcasters a way to automate the entire workflow, generate a unique and consistent look and feel with no trade-offs in graphics, and put the show on-air with minimal training, minimal staff, and minimal equipment."

The Redwood Play comes with everything needed to put a channel on-air including graphics, media player, switcher with effects, and an automation engine. It includes clip playout, graphics, switching, and DVE effects, which reduces capital and operational costs.

"Redwood Play is specifically designed for those who need to put a new, revenue-generating channel on-air fast with limited resources," said Potuzak.

Redwood can also integrate to Social Media channels with Aveco’s Social Media Gateway. Redwood can automatically send out a tweet to advise viewers of an important upcoming broadcast.

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