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Autoscript’ voice-activated teleprompting

10 May 2006

Introduced at NAB, Autoscript makes the bold claim that +Voice-Plus+ is the market’s first voice-activated teleprompting system and will completely eliminate the need for manual control.

The voice-activated prompter uses core technology developed by subtitling and captioning specialist SysMedia and is a seamlessly integrated add-on module to Autoscript’s WinPlus software. +Voice-Plus+ automatically scrolls the teleprompt in time with the spoken word of the talent, thus not only removing the need for manual control, but giving users the freedom to walk around the studio. Other benefits include the fact that there is no need for practice or training using conventional foot/desk controls and no need for a separate operator.

Michael Accardi, president of Autoscript US, said: "We are keen to focus not just on future users but also the many thousands of current WinPlus users worldwide. With +Voice-Plus+ we have achieved our aim of making this extremely valuable feature available to all, as well as being very easy to install and set up. The cost-saving functionality of +Voice-Plus+ is available to current customers simply by calling us, or visiting the Autoscript website to purchase a new license key. It really is that simple."

Also featured at NAB was GoPrompt-15, a new, self-contained, completely wireless prompting system which features a 15-inch high-brightness screen designed to bring studio-standard readability to field operations. For the first time, claims the company, true studio prompting can be done in the field without the need for laptop computers and associated distractions. The GoPrompt-15 is even capable of field editing via USB or PS-2 keyboard.


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