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Autodesk offers 0%

17 July 2009

Autodesk will offer 0% finance – and nothing to pay for five months – for a limited period, to help firms in the UK purchase new Autodesk design software or upgrades.

The offer is made in partnership with Syscap Ltd, the UK independent IT finance provider. It means companies can purchase or upgrade to new software without outlaying valuable capital or putting their cash flow at risk.

The Autodesk Finance 0% offer can be used to purchase Autodesk software and related hardware, services, implementation and ongoing maintenance. While the software is available immediately, repayments are spread over a fixed 36 month period, so the technology can benefit the business, as it is paid for. Repayments can also be flexible, to fit with companies’ budgeting and cash flow needs.

“In today’s economic climate, it is more important than ever to listen to customers and react quickly to their needs. Businesses across our market sectors need to invest in innovation, as never before. They need software capable of delivering productivity gains and competitive advantage. This finance offer from Autodesk gives us the ability to deliver our solutions to customers in an affordable and flexible way, helping them to reduce costs and maximise creativity,” explained Pete Baxter, senior director, Autodesk Northern Europe. Autodesk Finance’s 0% finance offers are available with immediate effect to qualifying applicants in the UK only.

At the same time, Autodesk VFX software has been hard at work at Academy Award-winning visual effects house Industrial, Light & Magic (ILM), creating thousands of visual effects shots for this summer’s big-screen releases. They include ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’, ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’, ‘Terminator Salvation’ and ‘Star Trek’. ILM created the effects using Autodesk’s Maya and Autodesk’s Inferno software, which forms part of ILM’s proprietary Sabre high-speed compositing system.

“Every year the quantity and quality of visual effects-driven movies rises. ILM continues to push the technological and creative envelope by creating stunning visual effects that thrill audiences worldwide,” said Stig Gruman, VP of digital entertainment, Autodesk Media & Entertainment. “Autodesk is proud to be associated with ILM and its hundreds of visual effects pioneers who contributed some of the most memorable and stunning effects of this summer.”

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