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Autocue launches standalone system

30 August 2012
Autocue launches standalone system

The new Autocue Production Suite is a standalone live production system that combines several components into a single cost-effective whole, says the company.

It includes a vision and audio mixer, a playback device, still store, caption generator, picture-in-picture processor, chromakey, logo/bug/ticker inserter, output recorder and a multiviewer.

Based on Autocue’s video server range, the Production Suite provides designated video inputs for live sources, designated audio inputs, internal players, processing to provide various graphic, effect, transition, mixing and switching operations and designated outputs to provide synchronised audio and video for preview and programme feeds. The system also has an internal recorder so that programme output can be saved directly to the media store.

Autocue is also releasing solid-state versions of its video server range at IBC. Designed for OB trucks and mobile applications where space is at a premium, the two- and four-port SSD servers run on single power supply units and include 800GB and 2TB of unprotected storage, respectively.

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