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Autocue adds to video server range

20 July 2011

Autocue is to launch a new cost-effective two-port digital server for eVTR applications and tape machine replacement as part of its growing video server range. The two ports are bi-directional HD channels that can be instantly switched between playback and record, writes David Fox.

Its latest server firmware, available across all two- and four-port SD and HD models, now allows users to create playlists, mark in and out points, and handle playback for AVC, XDCam, DNxHD and ProRes formats. The firmware also provides: slow-motion playback at various speeds; simultaneous high- and low-resolution file creation; simple logo insertion; remote control – including video and audio preview – from any networked PC; time delay and playback/edit during recording; and support for VDCP and P9 protocols. A new display panel also shows key information such as port status, disk capacity and CPU usage.

Also new at IBC will be reference monitors claimed to “outperform competing brands in many areas while retaining highly competitive price points”. This development includes a T-Series 24-inch LED-backlit panel that is a fraction of the cost of rival Grade 1 monitors. The base-level E-Series, 3G-SDI G-Series and quad-split Q-Series monitors are available in 17-inch and 24-inch sizes, while the 40-inch and 46-inch S-Series complete the range at the top end.

To complement its recently-introduced LED-backlit and re-designed 17-inch and 20-inch teleprompters, Autocue has a new Master Series 12-inch model. Using LED back lighting and an intelligent new monitor design, the ultra-bright display is claimed to be about 25% thinner and lighter than any rival.

Then there is the iPad Lite Prompter, part of the Starter Series range. Its light weight and lower cost makes it well-suited to compact and DSLR cameras.

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