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Austrian TV stations select Stryme

4 July 2016
Goce, Stryme

Stryme has recently helped optimise and simplify the programme planning, playout system and graphics design for two private Austrian broadcasters. The company’s Genesix VideoServer V6 was chosen by broadcasters ATV and 3MobileTV.

3MobileTV wanted to transfer its externally produced channel 3Live into an in-house production. Stryme was tasked with simplifying the product range, playlist programming and playout, and incorporating the right graphics solution in music clips. The company installed GENESIX Playlist Scheduler, Genesix Graphic Package and Genesix Playout Automation to plan music clips and programme content, fade in graphics and enable a 24/7 operation.

Private television station ATV required a hardware and software solution to run its studio facilitate live news coverage, sports broadcasts, and supply the countrywide transition to HD.

Stryme installed its Genesix VideoServer V6 with an HD support feature. The solution ensures broadcasting around the clock, and helped with the transition to HD.

“The 4K ready Genesix VideoServer V6 offers four times the resolution of HDTV,” explained Stryme CEO Goce Zdravkoski. “Like its predecessors it is a fully-fledged, highly flexible, multi-channel video server solution with a built-in state of the art graphics engine for real-time graphics feeds, advertisement and product placements on the fly.”

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