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Atomos ships Connect Converters

5 November 2012
Atomos ships Connect Converters

Atomos, creator of the field recorders Ninja-2 and Samurai, is now shipping its Connect H2S and Connect S2H converters worldwide. Connect H2S converts from HDMI to HD-SDI, Connect S2H converts HD-SDI to HDMI. "We have built Connect to be the tool of choice when it comes to conversion, Pulldown removal and test pattern generation; it even supports true digital 3G modes (50/60p),” said Jeromy Young, CEO and founder of Atomos. The Connect Converters’ functionality includes 3:2/2:2 Pulldown removal, Test Pattern Generator and audio test-tone in a lightweight package. The Test Pattern Generator has multiple patterns, in both SD and HD, the latter including 1080p50 and 60 – true 3G modes. Customers who already own an Atomos field recorder can use the appropriate Connect to give their Ninja-1/2 HD-SDI connectivity (H2S), or HDMI input and output for a Samurai (S2H)

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