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Atomos releases Ninja-2 firmware for DNxHD encoding

3 December 2012
Atomos releases Ninja-2 firmware for DNxHD encoding

Atomos, creator of the field recorders Ninja-2 and Samurai, has announced the worldwide release of AtomOS 4.01 firmware for Ninja-2 recorders. AtomOS 4.01 brings a whole new level of functionality to the Ninja-2 with support for Avid DNxHD, at no extra cost to customers.

"We are really starting to see the benefits of our architecture, which gives us the ability to provide such major feature enhancements to our customers at no extra charge" said Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos. "Avid DNxHD opens up our recorders to Windows users. Support for Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere makes Ninja-2 the perfect recorder for Mac and PC"

This new 4.01 firmware update includes functionality for Ninja-2 customers such as the ability to capture to Avid DNxHD codec profiles; HDMI timecode start/stop trigger is supported for the Canon C100 and 1Dx cameras; and a new audio offset function has been incorporated to improve compatibility with DSLR cameras.

The Atomos developers have listened to their customers and all Ninja-2 owners will notice an improvement in touchscreen sensitivity as the pressure responsiveness has been re-engineered. Also improved is compatibility with PCs, Macintosh computers and iPads through DVI and HDMI improved input detection form these devices.

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