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Atomos Ninja-2 field recorder now available

23 July 2012
Atomos Ninja-2 field recorder now available

The Ninja-2 is now shipping through Atomos‘ sales partners. Priority sales will be given to pre-orders and registered users who have taken advantage of the loyalty offer. "We are extremely proud of the Ninja-2. It is the culmination of all we have learned since releasing the first Ninja. Timecode trigger, higher resolution screen, pro monitoring and editing functions that save time and money are all included. Once you see the HDMI output of your Ninja-2 recordings on a big screen you will never use another device again. Customers all over the world have come to depend on their Atomos field recorders and the second generation Ninja-2 continues that line of pedigree at the same selling price" said Jeromy Young, CEO and founder of Atomos. Ninja-2 boasts HDMI output as well as HDMI input, which means it can be used to record directly from the new Nikon DSLR sensor (a feature of the new D4/D800 cameras) and the retina-display Apple iPad, really taking advantage of their HD outputs. The Ninja-2 touchscreen has also been upgraded to an 800×480 pixel display, with a viewing angle of 170°, both horizontally and vertically, with much improved visibility in direct sunlight. The Ninja-2 ships with the latest AtomOS 3.21 operating system. This includes features such as SmartMonitor, which turns the Ninja-2 into a monitoring solution with Peaking, Zebra, False Color and Blue Only functionality. It also includes SmartLog, a feature that enables you to edit using keyword tagging, on-set on location or on the move. AtomOS 3.21 also includes XML support for Final Cut X. Developed with approval from Apple, the Atomos Ninja-2 enables the recording, monitoring and playback of 10-bit uncompressed images straight from the sensor of your HDMI-equipped DSLR or camcorder, directly to inexpensive HDD or SSD drives (not supplied), recorded using the high quality Apple ProRes codec. AtomOS 3.21 is also available as a free firmware update for Samurai registered users.


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