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Atempo hosts digital archiving webinar

6 July 2010
Atempo hosts digital archiving webinar

Advertorial: For all its advantages, the transition to digital video workflows has also come with many challenges. Learn how to overcome some of them during a free 40 minute webinar, ‘Archive Early, Archive Often: Creative Strategies for Digital Workflows’, from Atempo.

In particular, the increasing demand for HD is pushing storage systems to the max. Preserving the digital content is becoming a daunting task for broadcasting, production and post production houses as well as Communications departments of companies creating rich media content.

What’s the best way to deal with storage overload, unprotected assets and an expanding mix of proprietary formats? How can you preserve and protect your digital content assets with reduced costs?

Well, according to Atempo, by giving archiving a new, central role in your digital workflow you can address these concerns before they delay a project or cost you a client. The company’s 40 minute webinar, which takes place on 20 July at 10.30. will show you exactly how to:

  • Preserve and protect your existing content throughout the workflow along with your Media Asset Management (Apple Final Cut Server, Building4Media, CatDV…)
  • Preserve digitally captured or other raw footage in the archive
  • Encourage your editors and producers to archive, search and retrieve content directly
  • Ensure data integrity and long term retention on different media (disk, tape, cloud) with open formats
  • Reduce content clutter in shared work areas with automatic archiving

Register for the webinar now. Alternatively, if you cannot attend but would like more information, please mail

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