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ASSIMILATE to support REDgamma3 and REDcolor3 Color Science

12 March 2012

ASSIMILATE has announced both SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab support for REDgamma3 and REDcolor3, the latest advancements in RED’s Color Science. With RED’s latest colour science update, SCRATCH and Lab artists – DITs, video engineers and DI artists – will see dramatically improved image quality in the monitoring path, and a richer environment for colour grading, even when using older REDCODE RAW images. As RED’s first partner for 4K and 5K post workflows, ASSIMILATE set the post-production standard with SCRATCH for the needed real-time digital workflows – simplified ingest of native REDCODE RAW files, streamlined end-to-end workflow, conform, colour grading, finishing and mastering.  “SCRATCH artists have always loved that ASSIMILATE has been first to support every RED innovation from the original RED ONE camera to 48 FPS EPIC stereo playback, and this colour science update is no exception,” said Steve Bannerman, VP of marketing at ASSIMILATE. “REDgamma3 will significantly enhance the SCRATCH Lab dailies workflow by offering DITs and DPs a better gamma curve for monitoring images. Meanwhile, the pairing of REDcolor3 with REDlogFilm provides SCRATCH DI artists the ultimate combination for color grading and finishing.”

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