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Assimilate Scratch support for Red One

28 November 2007

Assimilate’s digital intermediate solution Scratch now supports the native Red Digital Cinema workflow. Once the Redcode Raw R3D files are loaded into Scratch post production operators can review, assemble, conform, playback, colour correct, finish and output to any format, and any resolution, up to and including full 4k, writes Adrian Pennington.

“Assimilate was one of our very early partners,” stated Ted Schilowitz of Red Digital Cinema. “Scratch provides Red users with a native format finishing tool that supports the full range of Red One formats and resolutions to full 4k.”

“The Red One digital camera is in demand and shipping, one of the most exciting advances in our industry in decades,” added Jeff Edson, CEO, Assimilate. “Scratch started shipping at IBC 2004, driving the wave to a data-centric workflow. Big changes have occurred in filmmaking and post production since then, and the Red One digital camera is now at the forefront of taking digital acquisition mainstream. The digital cinema movement is very real, and Red users worldwide are already creating amazing images and breaking new cinematic ground. Supporting Red One RAW natively provides the post production market with a clear choice for workflow, efficiency, and time savings.”

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