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ASSIMILATE offers new rentals

19 December 2012
ASSIMILATE offers new rentals

The ASSIMILATE Store now provides on-set professionals and DI artists the option to rent its SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab software for as little as a day, or as long as three months. “SCRATCH Lab drove innovation into the production dailies world because it was the first product that delivered all the power and flexibility of a world-class dailies system at a price on-set professionals could afford”, said Steve Bannerman, VP of Marketing at ASSIMILATE. “And today we’re raising the bar yet again. SCRATCH Lab is the first production dailies product to offer true pay-as-you-use rental options that are available online anytime, anywhere. It can’t just be about product speeds and feeds anymore. It has to be about fitting the new way on-set professionals work – making them more productive and helping them make money.” Artists are now able to activate their SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab license for one day, one week, one month, or three months. The new rental options are only available through the ASSIMILATE Store, an online marketplace to discover, evaluate, and purchase SCRATCH, SCRATCH Lab, third-party software and selected hardware

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