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Aspera enhances portfolio of high-speed transfer software

31 July 2013
Aspera enhances portfolio of high-speed transfer software

Aspera has announced the release of Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point and Client 3.3, faspex 3.5 and Shares 1.5, Console 2.0 and Aspera Sync 1.4, as well as a new Faspex Mobile Client for Android. The software enhancements add to the company’s portfolio of high-speed data transfer and automation solutions.

Fasp 3.3 is a universal content transport platform and the new fasp Proxy i software engine allows secure and transparent pass-through of fasp transfer sessions across DMZs without impeding transfer speeds. Faspex 3.5 and Shares1.5 are file sharing collaboration and sharing web applications, and the latest releases offer new features and full integration between sharing and package sending and receiving.

Aspera On Demand for Microsoft Windows Azure is also now available including full support for Windows Azure BLOB storage, Windows Azure Media Services, and available through the new Windows Azure Store. The Aspera Console 2.0 provides a new user interface with improvements including multi-column sorting, searchable pages, and improved navigation. Finally, Aspera Sync 1.4 allows files with the same content at destination to be de-duplicated, saving bandwidth, synchronisation time, and disk storage on the target device.

A major upgrade to the Aspera SDK is available on the Aspera Developer Network ( Solutions integrated using the Aspera SDK include Avid, Brightcove (Zencoder ), Central Desktop, Dimetis, EMC/Isilon, EVS, Harmonic, MediaBecon, Sony Media Cloud Services, Telestream, and Vidispine.

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