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Aspera connects workflow for Viaplay

14 October 2013
Aspera connects workflow for Viaplay

Viaplay, the leading Scandinavian online television service, is to use Aspera software for file transfer to ingest its content. The company is installing Aspera Console and Aspera Connect Server for its next generation system.

“Before implementing Aspera, we relied on traditional FTP to transfer files,” said Kaj af Kleen, CTO at Viaplay. “But as the quantity and size of content increased, this became a more cumbersome and ineffective approach. The Aspera solution has provided us with improved speed and reliability, and has effectively eliminated file loss issues which caused headaches in the past.

Viaplay provides its subscribers with thousands of movies, television series and world-class sports events including the Premier League and Champions League football and NHL ice hockey. It receives master files from vendors around the world, which are ingested and transcoded for all its platforms before delivery.
With huge volumes of data being handled on a continuous basis and via multiple internet connected devices, the company needed to implement a solution that could effectively and reliably deliver the content to CDNs.

“The combination of Aspera Console and Aspera Connect provides the necessary speed, reliability and efficiency required to deliver files safely and securely through an automated workflow,” explained Bruce Brewer, European sales director at Aspera.

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