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Arrow to the cloud

19 August 2013

Production company Arrow Media is using the Aframe cloud production and asset management platform on the latest series featuring unlikely cookery experts the Hairy Bikers. The new series, for BBC, sees the two heroes tour the UK looking at industrial archaeology as much as the kitchen.

The production team load the dailies into Aframe after the location shoots, meaning they are available for everyone to view on any device quickly. This allows the director, for example, to view rushes without interrupting the editing process.

As part of the upload process, Aframe automatically creates a frame-accurate H.264 browse copy, which is available to view on a standard web browser. The project administrator controls access to the content by assigning rights to team members.

Aframe runs its own servers, unlike other cloud offerings, and these have been certified by industry body FACT (the Federation Against Copyright Threat). Connections to Aframe are encrypted using the latest security systems.

“We have made Aframe an essential step in our production process,” said Thomas Viner, series producer for The Hairy Bikers’ Restoration Road Trip. “The strength of Aframe is that we know we never have to worry about drive failures. We have a secure back-up in three locations, and because it is in the cloud it is available whenever and wherever we need it.”

Viner also made the point that cloud storage eliminates the need for the production company to buy and maintain its own server arrays. “We have found Aframe to be robust and reliable, as well as secure and easy to use, so I think we will be making even greater use of it in future productions.”

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