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Arrow Media chooses Aframe for Ultimate Airport Dubai

20 October 2014
Arrow Media chooses Aframe for Ultimate Airport Dubai

Arrow Media has used Aframe as its cloud video platform for the production of factual series Ultimate Airport Dubai, season two. Aframe was used throughout the show’s production to facilitate the production process and provide storage.

The company used Aframe to help manage dailies for ten 60-minute episodes for National Geographic Channels International. Arrow used a Proxy First workflow, which involved sending the camera-generated proxy file straight to Aframe.

The Arrow Media team was then able to upload the files quickly, allowing the production team to pull the proxy files into the edit and assemble stories while the original could be relinked for the main edit after arriving by hard drive.

Nick Metcalfe, executive producer, Arrow Media, said “Aframe helped us to deliver Ultimate Airport Dubai, season two on time, on schedule and on budget. We were also able to achieve significant cost savings and the process was much more efficient, compared to the previous slower process that involved content being couriered from location. We were able to receive footage quickly, which gave us more time to compile stories and feedback to the shoot, and because the files were always uploaded rapidly, it meant that the post production house had more time to spend working on the content, ultimately resulting in a better show. All in all we were able to save 20 weeks on the edit, equating to about two weeks per episode, which is a phenomenal saving.”

Ultimate Airport Dubai provides viewers with access to one of the world’s fastest growing airports and follows some of the 60,000 staff responsible for moving 57 million passengers and 344,000 flights a year.

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