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ARRI invests in Mistika 4K system for Run Boy Run

21 October 2013
ARRI invests in Mistika 4K system for Run Boy Run

Berlin’s ARRI Mitte post production house has invested in a Mistika 4K DI post production system, for its commercial and feature film projects. This includes the recently-completed 4K feature film Lauf Junge Lauf (Run Boy Run).

A new Mistika Suite has been set up at ARRI Mitte, alongside a grading suite, AVID offline studio, motion graphic services, Flame suite and a second grading suite for commercial clients. Online post production, which includes the conform, colour grading, finishing and mastering, all takes place at the Mitte site.

Mistika online artist, Christian Troeger explained, "Mistika plays a key role at ARRI Mitte for all our feature film projects and S3D workflow of all the stereoscopic 3D work and is also fully capable of handling our 2D projects as well. The Mistika Suite is equipped with the HPZ800, two 2K Eizo graphic monitors, Sony’s OLED Video Monitor, an impressive 65-inch plasma TV for Stereo (active) and we also have 50TB SAN storage capacity shared with the grading department." He added "Mistika was put to work immediately from day one with successful cinema projects already under our belt and with many more in the pipeline, which is very exciting."

“It’s great to see how the ARRI team finish their projects with effortless efficiency and speed using Mistika,” commented Jens Herold, CEO of creative tools. “We are absolutely convinced that integrated workflows deliver exceptional results of the highest standard compared to multi-software/plug-in solutions when it comes to finishing. This is also a crucial factor in stereoscopic 3D productions in which Mistika plays a major role as a world-leading and award-winning technology."

Run Boy Run was produced for ARRI Film and TV Services Berlin using Mistika’s toolsets. Footage was scanned in 4K using ARRI’s advanced scanner, and Troeger then worked in 4K DPX, where he conformed, re-touched, mastered and finished the project in 4K in ARRI Mitte’s Mistika suite. The film will be released in Germany on 23 January next year.

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