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ARD-Sternpunkte extends HD with Dimetis and Cisco

15 August 2012
ARD-Sternpunkte extends HD with Dimetis and Cisco

The recent extension of ARD-Sternpunkte’s HD infrastructure was provided by Dimetis and Cisco. Since the extension, German public broadcaster ARD has been able to offer its viewers HDTV via satellite. Cisco provided its D9036 Modular Encoding Platform – capable of encoding up to four HDTV programmes in parallel – and a Digital Content Manager that allocates each encoder with the necessary bitrate to encode images from the available bitrate of the multiplex. The D9036 can import or export encoded signals either via ASI or IP. Its large spectrum of IP functionality enables a smooth migration into IP-based platforms and networks. Dimetis carried out the extension of the existing multiplex center with its BOSS BROADCAST Manager, which manages access and distribution lines and the heterogeneous network.

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