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Archive appliance updated

8 September 2012
Archive appliance updated

The latest v3.1 software upgrade for Cache-A’s range of archive appliances – including the desktop Prime-Cache5, flagship Pro-Cache5, high-performance Power-Cache, and Library 24/48 automation systems – will be released next month. Highlights include a new 64-bit, Linux OS; high-speed LTFS dubbing, plus new LTFS tape-spanning capabilities; and operational improvements, including e-mail notification and command queue management. Cache-A reportes that the new OS is aimed at improving performance as well as integration of Cache-A archive appliances with storage systems from manufacturers including Facilis, Studio Network Solutions and Archion. The company also says its new LTFS capabilities enable a project to be automatically archived across multiple LTO-5 cartridges, saving users from the need to break up a project. "This latest upgrade underscores Cache-A’s Archiving Made Easy mantra," said Phil Ritti, CEO of Cache-A. "It directly addresses customers’ needs to make archiving faster and more efficient, and is particularly advantageous for media and entertainment companies wanting long-term archive with increased data mobility and the ability to share content organisation-wide." – Carolyn Giardina7.E06

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