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Apple approves ZOO for iTunes TV

12 February 2016
Apple approves ZOO for iTunes TV

Apple has approved ZOO Digital to offer iTunes aggregation services for TV series.

The service is designed to provide a faster and more efficient way for TV programme-makers to deliver their content direct to the iTunes Store.

ZOO, which has been an iTunes delivery partner for many years, joins a small group of vendors approved to aggregate TV and movie content to the platform.

The company offers its own cloud-based management platform, ZOOstudio. The system was designed to guide content producers through the delivery process, validating iTunes Store packages to meet the required technical, meta data and quality standards that Apple demands. ZOOstudio also offers multilingual subtitles, captions and dubbing.

ZOO president Gordon Doran(pictured) said, “ZOO is delighted to help our customers to deliver both TV and movie content to the iTunes Store. Using our ZOOstudio platform, we make digital distribution fast and cost-effective while always maintaining quality.”


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