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AP & Vislink complete trials

24 September 2010
AP & Vislink complete trials

The Associated Press and Vislink News & Entertainment have successfully completed trials which have seen ENPS working seamlessly across Vislink’s microwave and Advanced Gateway systems.

Together, says a statement, the two provide an integrated solution, which enables file-based workflow from the field as if connected directly to the studio LAN.

Journalists using ENPS in the field can now use bandwidth provided by Vislink to connect directly to ENPS servers at base, submit finished stories and simultaneously send live video. Vislink emphasises the use of microwave bandwidth. This reduces potential problems with public broadband, which can become clogged in breaking news situations.

"The Advanced Gateway system enhances the workflow by reliably extending ENPS and the file-based workflow into ENG" said Mike Palmer Director ENPS Design & Integration Strategy at Associated Press. He added, "This will add considerable value to our mutual customers’ news gathering capabilities."

Vislink’s Advanced Gateway technology means that journalists in the field can easily download archive proxies, create and submit the finished video wirelessly back to the studio, making the workflow process much more time efficient. The high-speed Electronic News Gathering microwave links are used to rapidly submit the files into the studio workflow while studio based Broadcast Engineers control of the system and the remote equipment.

The Advanced Gateway system uses state-of-the-art wireless data bonding to maximize available download speeds, providing multiple persistent connections maintain the highest level of connectivity available that the broadcasters require.

"The MOS protocol allows integrated file-based workflow with ENPS, the Advanced Gateway systems closing the circle of efficiency gains made in the studio, from the implementation of file-based workflow," commented Laurence Venner, Vislink Product Marketing Manager.

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