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AP deploys Blue Lucy Media

24 July 2012
AP deploys Blue Lucy Media

The Associated Press, London, has installed Blue Lucy Media (BLM) software services to meet HD fulfilment requirements for its global customer base. The system comprises a multichannel configuration of BLM’s Ingest, Layback and Tailor services, with control provided by BLM’s Miura Acquisition and Fulfilment client applications. The BLM installation means that AP clients can now access content through the AP’s website, which enables users to search and order content. These orders are then either automatically fulfilled via website downloads, or manually fulfilled in SD or HD, linear and non-linear formats using the new BLM system. BLM CEO Julian Wright (pictured) said: “The AP installation demonstrates the flexibility and efficiency of BLMs service-orientated architecture with multiple functional capabilities provided by a relatively small amount of hardware resources. The BLM deployment is far less complex that other systems AP reviewed as Ingest and Layback services communicate directly with baseband systems and VTRs, providing for a far more efficient and cost-effective solution.” The BLM Ingest system provides ad-hock ingest for tape-based content and creates DV25 files for SD, or XDCAMHD for HD, material ready for file-based delivery. The Tailor service enables sub-clips to be losslessly extracted from newly ingested or existing file-based content stored within the AP’s vast repository. Layback caters for cases where delivery of tape-based SD or HD material is required. A total of 13 BLM service components were implemented across six AP servers, providing on-demand video processing for both file and tape-based operations. The client applications, which run on standard office desktop machines, are deployed across the facility in edit suits and control rooms and connect to whichever service resources are available for the required function, be it linear ingest or file-based sub-clipping and delivery.


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