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Anton/Bauer batteries stand up below freezing

4 June 2012
Anton/Bauer batteries stand up below freezing

Faced with traveling through the extreme cold and snowy terrain of the South Pole, the production team behind the documentary The Push: South Pole Expedition, turned to Anton/Bauer to power the crew’s video cameras during adaptive athlete Grant Korgan’s two-week-long trek. Cinematographer Tom Day, of Warren Miller Entertainment, chose Anton/Bauer’s DIONIC HC battery to keep the team’s Sony HXR-NX5U professional camcorders and Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR camera running through the tough last leg of the trek. Day and his team were unsure of how long the on-board batteries of their cameras would last, so they decided to travel with a stock of 25 DIONIC HCs as back-up power. “Anton/Bauer’s recommendations were spot on. The DIONIC HCs were lightweight, portable and tough enough to withstand the cold, which was key,” said Day. “It was just so cold; every time we took a shot, we didn’t want it to be a big process. We just wanted to be able to grab our camera, take a shot and move on. In order to protect the batteries and keep them warm during filming, Day tucked a DIONIC HC under the layers in his camera pouch. Then, each time he would shoot, he hooked up the battery adapter. He and the crew also kept back-up batteries in their jackets to protect them from the cold. Later, at night, he and the crew would each sleep with one battery to keep it warm and also used some of the batteries to film time lapses using the Canon EOS 7D. “Since the sun never sets at the South Pole, I really wanted to do time lapses of the sun moving across the sky as we were in our tents,” said Day. “There was no way that the camera’s on-board battery was going to last that long. I was able to get a couple of all-night shoots with just one Anton/Bauer battery, which I was pretty pleased with.”


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