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Anticipating the future of 3D

14 September 2013
Anticipating the future of 3D

Showing off the company’s 3D Tile Format technology, in conjunction with several of its partners, is Sisvel, which is already planning for a forthcoming autostereoscopic future.

“The big advantage of 3D Tile from a broadcaster’s point of view is that it allows both 2D and 3D content to be transmitted using a single channel,” said Davide Ferri, Sisvel’s business development manager. “That means half the expense – and 3D Tile is unique in the way it achieves this.”

Ferri noted that today’s 3D technology has been slow to take off, and attributes this largely to the need to wear glasses. Sisvel, however, is already planning for an autostereoscopic future, and is demonstrating its 3DZ Tile Format, an evolution of the 3D Tile Format developed by Sisvel and its Russian partner Triaxes, which specialises in software and hardware solutions for autostereoscopic display.

Triaxes has added Z (depth) information to Sisvel’s 3D Tile Format, leading to the creation of 3DZ Tile, which the company says is the first universal display-independent format, that can provide users with proper video playback, regardless of the type of display they use (common 2D, glasses 3D and glasses-free 3D). Creating a depth map at the broadcaster’s premises is said to facilitate the synthesis of intermediate views for autostereoscopic displays, successfully offloading on broadcasting systems the computation normally present in the TV.



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