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An-Mar Film Lab specifies Nucoda Fuse

17 March 2011
An-Mar Film Lab specifies Nucoda Fuse

Digital Vision’s Nucoda Fuse colour grading and finishing system has been installed at An-Mar Film Lab in Athens, allowing the facility to diversify its operations by enabling colour grading on material originating from digital cameras such as ARRI’s Alexa (pictured) as part of its processing services.

In addition, Nucoda Fuse will give An-Mar Film Lab the opportunity to provide its clients with 2k colour grading on film originated material.

Stavros Theodoropoulos, CEO, An-Mar Film Lab, commented: “The Nucoda Fuse will be used on TV grading, which is our main source of work. However, there are a number of production companies and directors who have already expressed an interest in using Nucoda Fuse for feature films that will be shot later this year. The shooting plans include both digital and film cameras, which interestingly will give us the opportunity to work simultaneously with different source materials that will be combined at the end.”

The system’s extensive technical feature set is also set to have other benefits, suggested Theodoropoulos: “Nucoda Fuse is a very cost-effective system with a fully comprehensive toolset that allows producers to stay within their budget limits whilst maintaining the high quality that a finished project should have.

“We have worked with Digital Vision in the past and we know from our experience that the company’s technology is excellent and this played a serious part in our decision.”

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