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An award-winning IBC for Phabrix

3 October 2013
An award-winning IBC for Phabrix

The Phabrix TAG was awarded a technology award at last month’s IBC event in Amsterdam. The TAG is a low-cost entry analyser/monitor and offers a range of interfaces from composite up to SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and optical support via the built in SFP cage.

“The TAG can’t help but attract engineers who need a universal standards tester around. It is a tool designed to appeal to all engineers from entry, pro video through to the big optical network giants who needed to equip their engineers with one tool,” commented Paul Nicholls, director of sales and marketing at Phabrix. “The reaction to the TAG at IBC has been astounding.”

Among the interfaces, composite analysis and generation has been included for those regions supporting the transition between analogue and digital switchover. The SFP cage is principally for optical infrastructure testing, however the cage can support a range of SFP’s as they become available. Reference input with waveform view and a reference generator output have also been included.

The TAG employs a D connector providing both balanced analogue audio and AES I/O, and Phabrix has worked closely with Dolby to provide support for Dolby E, Dolby D and Dolby D Plus.

Also on show at IBC was the Rx mount range from Phabrix. Available in three chassis types, the range includes a 2U version with two integral screens Rx2000, along with two rasterisers, a 1U Rx1000 and the half rack Rx 500.

Several audio announcements were made by the company during the event in September. These included a new full Dolby decode module, making the Rx a provider for the testing of Dolby within broadcast infrastructure.  It also revealed a new four channel AES module and enhancement of loudness monitoring to offer four simultaneous channel displays.

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