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Among the stars at IBC Rising Stars

23 October 2014
Among the stars at IBC Rising Stars

One of the most important programs that IBC has initiated over the past handful of years, IBC Rising Stars looks to help students and new entrants to the electronic media industry take their first vital steps on their path to a future career.

2014’s Rising Stars was a resounding success with 150 attendees passing through its doors. What’s more, this year it featured a star all of its own as Professor Brian Cox put in a surprise appearance following his keynote at the main conference.

Professor Cox spoke succinctly about the skills of the people he worked with and how important it was for the Rising Stars to be equally skilled as their careers progressed. He commented that technology will not (or should not) replace specialised skills and the experience that goes behind it and of the importance of these skilled operators as well as the directors and producers when it comes to making television. These skilled operators come into their own where technology would otherwise let us down and, despite the comparatively low cost of current technology, skills are still required to utilise that same technology to the utmost.

He also talked about the role of social media and the hope that social media will not replace the medium of TV — something he still feels is the best conduit to educate and inform — but rather add to it; bringing back the sense of community that makes broadcast a shared event despite the modern, multi-channel, multi-platform time-shifted broadcast environment that most of us inhabit.

It was a fascinating insight into the industry from a man rapidly becoming one of its most influential figures. But then the whole of the program was full of fascinating insights. Presenter James Neufeld (pictured on stage with Professor Cox in the above selfie) steered topics through sessions such as ‘Next Generation Business: How Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs are driving change’ and ‘Hot Topics and Future Game Changers’, looking at both the micro and macro level of the industry; examining the role of the individual in its evolution and the nature of where that evolution might take it.

Added to further sessions on how to boost career prospects, write a killer CV, and organise a three-year plan, it proved to be another compelling year for IBC Rising Stars which next year will hope to help

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