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America’s Cup programming delivery uses DPP metadata application

2 November 2012
America’s Cup programming delivery uses DPP metadata application

Channel 4’s Mentorn Sunset & Vine produced America’s Cup programming has been delivered in the DPP File-based specification using the metadata application. Mentorn, which provides Channel 4 with a finished AS-11 compliant AVCi file, uses the metadata application to add in editorial and technical metadata and re-wrap the file to the DPP standard. Channel 4 then downloads the 30 min programme and associated xml file from its delivery site. Elsewhere in the production process, Sunset+Vine provides archiving and global distribution for America’s Cup Uncovered, a 30-minute weekly HD magazine programme to more than 400 international clients and broadcasters. In order to provide fast access to this programming the company developed America’s Cup Engine, ACE, a cloud-based delivery portal that optimises download speeds around the world. ACE delivers the programming in a variety of HD and SD formats, and has been delivering AVC-Intra AS-11 to the DPP standard, on a weekly basis since it started in August 2012. On release of the DPP metadata application, MSV Post, Sunset+Vine’s in-house post production department integrated it into the programme delivery, to provide a complete delivery package to UK Broadcasters. The Metadata Application has eliminated the need for tapes with record reports and ensures that the complete editorial and technical metadata is

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