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AmberFin launches iCR

5 March 2010

AmberFin has announced the launch of the new iCR Standards Converter, a new software product specifically designed for standards conversion in a file-based environment

Standards Conversion is a key tool for monetising existing content in markets with different framerates, and as companies migrate towards file-based working, there is increasing demand for file-based standards conversion that does not require costly videotape layback. Thus the iCR Standards Converter ships with a comprehensive range of high quality temporal, spatial, codec and wrapper conversion tools, delivering, says the company, best-in-class results.

Workflow is highly efficient, with extensive integration and automation possibilities to third party software and storage technology. Supplied as software, the iCR Standards Converter runs on non-proprietary open architecture, allowing users to benefit from latest IT developments and integrate into increasingly IT-centric environments. Input and output formats are not limited to traditional broadcast video alone, as a wide range of content demands ranging from web and mobile through SD and HD can be satisfied. The iCR Standards Converter also includes a wide range of audio tools not found in traditional standards conversion products.

Bruce Devlin, CTO of AmberFin, said: “Our customers’ businesses are changing and they need new answers to delivering content at high quality in a cost-effective manner. The new iCR Standards Converter fits exactly into the new file-based business processes our customers are deploying. Our customer base wants to reduce its reliance on using videotape methodology and all that it entails, and the iCR Standards Convertor is a major step forward in that process.”

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