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AmberFin gets Smart

27 March 2010

AmberFin has unveiled the new iCR Smart Ingest system, billed as an innovative new approach to ingesting tape-based content into IT-centric workflows.

The unit works by combining high quality HD and SD ingest with Automatic Assisted Quality Control in a single system. This allows tape content to be efficiently and reliably used in workflows based on central storage solutions, including SAN and NAS based architectures. A wide range of automatic quality tests are performed on video, audio and timecode and easy to read reports detail the nature and position of an error with a thumbnail of the frame where it occurred. Operators can then quickly and accurately make decisions and take any necessary action, saving time and money on reworks and preventing costly mistakes.

Media organisations increasingly need to ingest large amounts of content to central storage and it’s critical that the content stored is technically correct. In order for potential faults to be detected immediately, QC should happen during ingest so that remedial action can be taken at once. This approach avoids ingesting hours of faulty material to later discover a problem, therefore increasing accuracy and efficiency.

In addition, manual QC by operators during the ingest cycle is manpower intensive and prone to errors. Operators become tired or distracted, especially on repetitive tasks and faults are often missed. Multichannel audio is a significant problem as it may be impractical to accurately monitor the content in a single pass.

Bruce Devlin, CTO, AmberFin, said: “The new iCR Smart Ingest is all about delivering real business value to our customers. Wherever practical, it is advised to perform QC as early as possible, ideally on Ingest. This reduces the cost of detecting and correcting problems in content as it moves though a facility. The iCR Smart Ingest system will deliver major time and money savings to our customers, whether they are using SAN, NAS or a wide range of proprietary Broadcast servers.”

The iCR Smart Ingest system is available now.

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