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AmberFin and ATG partner at BVE

14 February 2014
AmberFin and ATG partner at BVE

AmberFin will come together with its regional channel partner, broadcast systems integrator ATG Broadcast, to jointly promote an approach to the adoption of digital file-based workflows that focuses on the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) initiative in the UK.

AmberFin has developed DPP specific media ingest workstations and file transcoders: designated iCR-100-DPP (transcoder), iCR-300-DPP (media ingest workstation) and iCR-500-DPP (media ingest, transcode, playback, metadata entry and QC review). In the UK, these products are available through AmberFin’s channel partner ATG Broadcast.

The iCR-300-DPP media ingest workstation and the iCR-100-DPP transcoder are both designed to create high-quality MXF-wrapped AVC-Intra or D10 assets compliant with the AMWA AS-11 specification and DPP guidelines from tape or line sources. The iCR-500-DPP is a workstation for the creation and preparation of AMWA AS-11, DPP compliant assets. The iCR-500-DPP combines ingest, transcode and playback functionality with metadata entry and validation, QC review, mark-up and segmentation.

“The widespread adoption of the DPP specification will be an incredibly important event in the UK broadcast industry and many other geographic regions are watching its progress very closely,” commented Bruce Devlin, CTO at AmberFin.
Also being showcased at BVE 2014, AmberFin iCR’s new Transcode Farm Controller enables the creation of transcode farms that are scalable from one to many nodes whilst providing fault tolerant operation.  With AmberFin iCR, media facilities can scale up an initial proof of concept to whatever system capacity they require without the need for an external orchestration system.


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