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A greener industry

8 March 2016
A greener industry <BR /> 

albert is undertaking a project to support the creative community’s transition to renewable electricity.

The sustainability think-tank aims to reduce carbon emissions and save costs across the TV and film industry.

The project aims to make renewable electricity affordable for creative organisations, with particular interest in increasing the amount demanded and produced in the UK.

Michelle Whitehead has been appointed to the role of project delivery manager to consult with the creative community, studio, post production and other facilities companies to obtain consumption and monetary data, and to work with energy brokers to find the best possible supply deal.

She said, “I am enthused to be joining the dynamic albert team working on this exciting and innovative project. Helping to reduce carbon emissions, while saving companies money is a very worthwhile endeavour.”

Aaron Matthews (pictured), BAFTA sustainability manager, said, “Approximately 13 tonnes of carbon emissions are associated with the production of one hour’s worth of content, and almost 60 per cent of this comes from electricity.

“The industry has a tendency to focus on tangible environmental impacts but it’s electricity where the largest impact lies and where we must focus our attention.

“The international community recently made some strong commitments for carbon reduction and we must now support those targets and make them a reality.

“There is a much better way to bring power to the planet and having spoken to a number of industry experts, the aims of this project are very much worth pursuing.”


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