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Al-Sa-aa makes TV news with Harris

6 March 2008

Al-Sa’aa Television in Cairo has launched its new 24-hour news service using Harris broadcast newsroom kit. The installation includes multiple Nexio XS HD/SD server systems for recording and playout, NewsFlash high-res news editors, NewsFlash Preditor low-res desktop editors and the Inscriber_ G1 realtime SD broadcast graphics system.

“For our new digital newsroom facility, we needed a system that enabled us to perform a fast turnaround of edits and play to air, and the Harris integrated newsroom solution allows us to do this seamlessly,” said Samer El Hosseni, CEO of Al-Sa’aa Channel. “The Harris high- and low-resolution non-linear editors can start working while the material is being ingested, allowing journalists to simultaneously browse and edit low-resolution content at their desktops, and then playout the clip in full resolution without having to wait for rendering. The G1 system has further optimised workflow by providing creative flexibility, with its infinite layering and create real-time 3D effects and animation capabilities, while allowing us to easily produce independent real-time virtual channels on a single physical channel.”

The Harris Nexio XS server system interfaces with the ENPS newsroom computer system (NRCS) using the MOS protocol and the Nexio with MOS Gateway and MOS Playlist Manager, creating an integrated news production environment. The connection between ingest and playout is via Gigabit Ethernet.

A Lebanese-Egyptian owned satellite channel, Al-Sa’aa was launched on NileSat from the Media City in Cairo in July 2007. The company’s newsroom was designed, commissioned and installed by Integrated Systems in Cairo, Egypt, in collaboration with Harris Corporation. This facility has direct links with all local and international news agencies, including Associated Press (AP), Reuters and Agence France Presse (AFP).

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