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Akamai webinar: Enhancing video quality and performance

7 October 2016
Akamai webinar: Enhancing video quality and performance

In partnership with TVBEurope, Akamai is delivering a series of free, insightful and innovative webinars to the broadcast industry over the coming weeks.

The second of four webinars: ‘Enhancing Video Quality and Performance to Drive Viewer Engagement’ will be available on Wednesday 2 November at 2pm (GMT). Watch to learn how new media acceleration strategies such as using client side HTTP/UDP technology, can dramatically improve the experience of HD and 4K streams.

Akamai said, “Each buffering during streaming event dramatically reduces viewer engagement with the story line and any positve association with your brand. This has a big impact on commercial success”.

“Viewers now often expect a better than TV experience when they are watching on-line channels. Factors such as fast video start up time when changing channels and high quality resolutions are now just hygene factors.”

Ian Munford, director of product enablement and marketing media services, Akamai, said of the webinar, “We look at the viewing experience, some of the challenges that impact video quality–and how video distributors are now using new technology to deliver the best experience every time.”

The first webinar in the series, ‘Demystifying the workflow’, is available here.

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