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AJA Video introduces FiDO

20 April 2010
AJA Video introduces FiDO

AJA Video Systems has introduced FiDO (Fibre Digital Optical), a family of five SDI/Optical fibre converters that enable the transport of SDI, HD-SDI and 3G SDI over distances of up to 10km.

Designed for outdoor or indoor use, FiDO converters pass the complete SDI signal (including audio and/or meta data), and meet all relevant SMPTE specifications. Their low profile enclosure enables use in tight spaces around and behind equipment racks, trucks and crowded facilities.

FiDO models include:
FiDO-R: Single channel Fibre to SDI Mini Converter with dual SDI outputs
FiDO-2R: Dual channel Fibre to SDI Mini Converter
FiDO-T: Single channel SDI to Fibre Mini Converter with looping SDI output
FiDO-2T: Dual channel SDI to Fibre Mini Converter
FiDO-TR: SDI/Fibre transceiver Mini Converter

The FiDO Dual channel transmitter and receiver units are extremely unique, providing conversion and transport of two streams of SD, HD, or 3G (in any combination) within one Mini Converter package. This ability provides the highest density and lowest cost per channel, and also allows Stereoscopic 3D infrastructures an inexpensive, compact, and convenient way to move the highest quality HD signals across a facility.

The FiDO family of converters are available this month from AJA’s worldwide network of channel partners. US MSRP pricing begins at $445.

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