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AJA increases product growth

19 April 2011
AJA increases product growth

AJA President Nick Rashby described 2011 as "a year of extremely aggressive product growth" and revealed that the company saw a 35% increase in revenue over the last year. Rashby announced that he expected continued growth as the NAB show kicked off in Las Vegas. AJA is presenting a string of new products, upgrades, and a glimpse at the future through technology demonstrations of future products.Noting that thousands of KiPro systems are in use everyday, Rashby revealed firmware upgrade for KiPro Mini. In terms of its piece in the Red puzzle, Red’s Ted Schilowitz related that KiPro Mini is the first recommended ProRes system for Red’s Epic“AJA’s Ki Pro Mini is the first ProRes recorder that we’ve battle tested and are recommending for use with the Red Epic,” Schilowitz said. “I know first hand of the high level of industry adoption of AJA gear based on its proven performance and their reputation for high quality professional gear, and the KiPro Mini is no exception. It worked solidly under the pressure of real high-end cinema shooting environments, where it really counts.”

Underscoring the attention on 4K at NAB, AJ revealed a new 4K mode for its Kona 3G capture card. Available with new version 9.0 driver software for Kona 3G, the 4K mode supports 4K playout and monitoring. This includes 4K playback in both YCbCr and RGB, at resolutions up to 4096×2160. “We are giving away 4K to our 3G customers,” said Rashby, explaining that the 4K mode is a free upgrade.  AJA introduced its Hi5-Fibre mini-converter and four new models of the FiDO (Fibre Digital Optical) family of SDI/Optical Fibre mini-converters.New FiDO models include: FiDO T-ST, a single channel SDI to ST Fibre converter, with looping SDI output; FiDO R-ST, a single channel ST Fibre to SDI converter, with dual SDI outputs; FiDO T-SC, a single channel SDI to SC fibre converter, with looping SDI output; and FiDO R-SC, a single channel SC Fibre to SDI converter, with dual SDI outputs. Hi5-Fibre is planned for availability by summer for $695, and the FiDO models will be available by summer for $445 each. The technology demos will include a preview of a product code-named Riker, which is multi-format I/O technology for SD to 5K workflows, designed to address changing I/O and processing requirements via a modular architecture. AJA said Riker would offer an arbitrary hardware scalar that enables users to scale up or down any sized-raster up to 5K, in real-time at full quality. The company is also demonstrating support for Thunderbolt technology based HD/SD I/O with the recently introduced MacBook Pro line. Developed by Intel and brought to market with technical collaboration from Apple, Thunderbolt technology is designed to provide one-cable plug-in connectivity for 3G, HD/SD-SDI and HDMI workflows. Codenamed Phaser, AJA said that its upcoming product is being developed to support HDMI 1.3a input and HDMI 1.4 output for stereo playback, provides 10-bit up/down/cross-conversions, with RS422 device control and professional reference/LTC I/O, in a portable design.

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