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AJA adds Sony file transfers

20 July 2012
AJA adds Sony file transfers

AJA Video Systems has released software which allows fast transfers to be managed from Sony SR-R1 digital recorders to Raid storage. The software is free for registered users of AJA Kona 3G and io XT cards (for Thunderbolt-equipped Macs), with the card serving as the intermediary device between the recorder and the storage. The SRExpress software controls the SR-R1 to initiate and manage the file transfers. The software allows the users to select files for transfer and to set up batches. Thunderbolt transfers are faster than real time: where 3G SDI is used the software allows the host computer to show a preview during transfer. “Since its introduction in 2011 the SRMaster format has been accepted broadly by the industry,” claimed Ryosuke Hayashi of Sony. “The adoption of SRExpress with AJA video interface products provides a simple and efficient file-based workflow. Its five times faster than real time transfer capability is a huge benefit to SR-R1 users.” Nick Rashby of AJA added “AJA products have always been about simplifying workflows. With the SRExpress software we are offering SR-R1 users a very easy way to implement direct camera to edit workflows.” AJA SRExpress software is available now for Mac customers as a free download. A PC version will be available “soon”.


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