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AIBA selects SatLink for delivery

20 December 2012
AIBA selects SatLink for delivery

The Boxing Marketing Arm (BMA), a subsidiary of AIBA, the International Boxing Association, has selected SatLink for the global satellite delivery of the World Series of Boxing (WSB) 2012/2013 season. A total of 74 events across the globe will be distributed to five continents via SatLink’s satellite and fibre Network in high definition and MPEG4 on Eutelsat, AsiaSat, IntelSat and Amos satellites. In addition services such as digital archiving, recording, SNG and Flyaway units in various territories around the globe will be provided alongside post production editing of the matches highlights. SatLink will provide AIBA’s global satellite coverage in Ku-band and C-band on Eutelsat, AsiaSat, IntelSat and AMOS satellites and upscale the content to HD using the Snell Alchemist Ph. C. AIBA will also be utilising SatLink’s content management capabilities including: recording, archiving, editing and conversion of news and highlights gathered from the satellite feed, as well as continuous customer service, including coordinating broadcasters and additional support before, during and after each event, and SNG services in various territories. Kevin Na, BMA Media/TV director commented: “In previous years we have managed our broadcasting distribution in-house, but with the current customer demands across the globe, we realised that we needed a provider that could back up our global HD distribution needs and will have the ability to manage our content during live shots and distribute it on time and high quality. This is one of the many reasons we chose SatLink. Not only do they offer a customised package suited to our needs, but they also offered us unlimited support before, during and after each of our broadcasts. Each boxing event during the 2012/2013 season will be recorded, edited and archived for future use, with the distribution of highlights following each round and the editing of a full-length magazine produced every two rounds, helping us maximise our outreach to our customer-base across the globe.” David Hochner, chief executive officer of SatLink (pictured), commented: “We are thrilled to be providing AIBA with the services they require for the broadcast of WSB 2012/2013 season, and it is another example of the benefits our Occasional Use capabilities can offer content distributors, channels, sports federations and rights holders. Using our global end-to-end distribution, transmission and content management services, broadcasters and networks are able to deliver high quality content to audiences around the world. This makes our central location, which borders onto three continents, and our global network, a reliable and effective solution for all of our customers’ broadcasting needs.”

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