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Agama Technologies addresses churn

29 August 2012
Agama Technologies addresses churn

Reducing churn rates is a major concern for TV operators worldwide, says exhibitor Agama Technologies, as increased customer loyalty directly translates into higher revenues and reduced costs for customer acquisition.

A strategy to actively reduce churn rates naturally entails identifying those customers at risk of leaving the operator. Insight into and understanding of the customer experience and quality distribution is, according to the company, vital to be able to accomplish that.

Agama is launching what it describes as a unique Churn Identification Application, which is said to be able to efficiently identify customers at risk of churning, using intelligent analytics to data mine the realtime, 24/7 service quality monitoring data for every single end-customer. The application can, said the company, scale seamlessly to the largest operator sizes.

Based on Agama-developed algorithms, the Churn Identification Application can use sophisticated selection criteria and grouping to identify customers at risk. Actions can then be taken to retain the customer, for instance, contacting the customer to correct potential technical problems. The application can also integrate with the operator workflow to enable structured, proactive processes that can be effectively managed.

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