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Aframe scores again at BBC

19 September 2013
Aframe scores again at BBC

Aframe announced that the BBC had reprised its work with Aframe on another major production, following 2011’s work on BBC1 series ‘The Manor Reborn’, this time to expedite BBC Three’s prime time show ‘Shoplife’.

According to Aframe, with over 900 hours of footage shot for 6 x 1 hour episodes, the production quickly accumulated 580 HD cards of content – all of which needed to get to the London post house on a daily basis. The schedule saved at least a full day over the usual 72-hour delivery times of storage media. Using Aframe for cloud storage also saved the BBC over 20TB of capital investment funding for storage. Since rushes are placed onto Aframe’s triple-redundant network, the BBC could turn on the storage for the duration of the project, and turn it off when production was complete.

The BBC’s return engagement capped a strong year for Aframe where its platform helped save time, hassle and money across a host of global clients – from broadcasters using Aframe as a cloud-enabled media asset management platform, to prime-time TV productions – across all formats, from drama, factual, reality TV and sports.

Aframe customers at IBC to narrate the platform’s value, including Sky, Arrow Media, BBC and FOX, during the IBC Workflow Solutions event.

“As broadcasters cope with the complexities of producing content for traditional TV channels as well as Web, radio and mobile platforms, they are embracing Aframe as a powerful way to centralize, simplify and streamline operations with an eye to the future,” said David Peto, CEO of Aframe.

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