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Affordable live streaming with Digigram’s encoder

4 February 2014
Affordable live streaming with Digigram’s encoder

Digigram has released the AQILIM *FIT/LE professional video encoder, for live event broadcasting over an IPTV network or multiscreen video distribution over the internet.

This latest addition to Digigram’s encoder line is suitable for streaming applications for live video; live distribution of corporate, sporting or news events; and the creation of web TV. The solution is compatible with a range of leading CDNs.

The AQILIM *FIT/LE connects directly to a camera or video mixer, capturing live video and streaming encoded video either to an IP network or the CDN responsible for internet distribution of live video. A web-based interface gives the user access to configuration parameters for video streaming, with the aim of eliminating the need for specialised training or dedicated operators.

"AQILIM *FIT/LE is an affordable professional encoder that makes it easy to connect to most major CDNs and stream live broadcast-quality video to PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet users around the world," said Laurent Gros, video product manager at Digigram. "Built on proven technology and ready to use, right out of the box, the AQILIM *FIT/LE provides reliable, straightforward operation for the user while assuring exceptional video quality. By making live streaming both simple and affordable, the AQILIM *FIT/LE opens up new and valuable opportunities for a broad variety of businesses, institutions, and organisations."

Occupying 1RU, the hardware system is available with analogue, SDI, and/or HDMI video inputs.

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