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Adobe Anywhere for video now available

10 July 2013
Adobe Anywhere for video now available

Adobe has announced the availability of Adobe Anywhere for video, which was initially previewed at NAB this April. The software brings virtual teams together, enabling them to log, edit, share and finish video productions using standard networks and hardware.

“Video production has always been challenging because it’s difficult for multiple editors to work on the same project and pass huge files back and forth across the Internet,” said Jim Guerard, vice president, Enterprise Solutions, Adobe. “With Adobe Anywhere, these hassles are gone. Team members can work together with centralised media and assets, making it possible for remote users to work jointly on a project from virtually anywhere.”

Adobe Anywhere software is installed on a cluster of servers and is powered by two core components: the Adobe Anywhere Collaboration Hub and the Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine. The Collaboration Hub contains all the project information and metadata, manages user access, and allows multiple team members to access and work on the same project files simultaneously. The Mercury Streaming Engine is used across applications, provides real-time viewing streams and allows remote team members instant access to media files from any location.

"With our global news-gathering capability and multiple production centres around the world, CNN moves a lot of material in support of our video journalism,” said Michael Koetter, senior vice president of Media Technology and Development at Turner Broadcasting. “Just a couple years ago, worldwide access to our content as interoperable files was a huge milestone. Our next step is to make this access transparent.  Adobe Anywhere promises to be a key technology in this strategy, allowing our journalists to seamlessly engage with content and collaborate on stories, regardless of location."

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