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ADMC chooses Harris

11 March 2010

The Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC) has placed a large order for Harris channel branding systems, master control switchers and graphics management software.

The system provided by Harris will help ADMC create, manage and deliver advanced HD channel branding to enhance its station identity. This sale extends the range of Harris solutions at ADMC, which also includes automation, scheduling and digital asset management products.

"Our ultimate objective is to provide our viewers with the highest-quality HD viewing experience, and the Harris technology fits perfectly into this objective," said Ahmed Al Menhali, director of broadcast technology, ADMC. "The flexibility of the Harris solution allows us to easily manage a complex branding workflow from a central point. In the past couple of years, we have worked closely with Harris to implement our automation, scheduling and digital asset management solution, and we feel this ongoing relationship with the local Harris support team is a significant value-add."

The order includes IconMaster master control switchers and IconStation channel branding systems. These allow ADMC to get to air with data-driven content, logos, time or temperature displays, rolls, crawls and more from within a single system. The Inscriber Connectus centralised graphics management system enables the central management, sharing and distribution of all graphics resources. The order also includes NEO and 6800+ modular processing products and CCS Navigator software for network monitoring and control.

"The Harris graphics, branding and master control product portfolio is gaining momentum in the Middle East, as it offers broadcasters a cost-effective way to maximise efficiency, control costs and guarantee a consistent level of quality in their brand identity," said Richard Scott, senior vice president, global sales and services, Harris Broadcast Communications. "This sale underscores that Harris is a trusted provider of not only fully integrated solutions, but also of superior broadcast technology that offers the right combination of features and functionality to meet customers’ needs."

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